Arkansas;Keeping Your RV Rodent Free

They're just waiting to eat through your RV.

Rodents in your RV can become a real problem before you know it. Many RVers think because they are constantly on the move, an infestation can’t occur. Wrong. Mice and rats are sneaky little creatures, and will make homes anywhere. These furry little pests are well known for chewing on wires, causing damage to your RV and possibly starting a fire.

The best way to avoid them is to make sure to keep your RV clean from crumbs and food trash. Take your trash out often and clean up crumbs and messes after every meal.

Another more unconventional way to keep pests out is to stick dryer sheets in dark places where mice might hide. Especially when your RV is parked at a storage facility, it is begging for mice and rats to come make their home, mostly in your mattress and walls. Check on your RV if it is in storage as often as you can, to prevent an infestation from getting out of control, should one happen. Put the dryer sheets in cabinets and under sinks. Mice and rats hate them.

If you really want to get high-tech about it, invest in an ultrasonic rodent repeller.

Check out this video for a few more tips in keeping these pesky creatures out of your recreational vehicle for good:

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