How to Make Your RV Handicap-Friendly

Getting out on the open-road in a recreational vehicle can be relaxing, freeing, and give anyone a new sense of the great outdoors. However, RV traveling can be complicated for our disabled friends. There are a few things to do to help make their travels more comfortable, and free-flowing to prevent the interruption of fun!

If the handicapped person needs to be able to drive, hand controls can easily be installed by contacting a mobility accommodations dealer. Furthermore, the driver’s seat in an RV is typically higher than a seat in a car or truck. Wheel chair lifts are available and can be attached to the entrance door.  The life can be made to have a chair to sit on while being raised up or down from the entrance.

Hand rails can be useful to get around the RV. Bathrooms and hallways can be especially unforgiving, and hand rails can help enormously in both areas. A shower chair can also be installed in the bathtub of the RV to prevent incidents and falls.

Floor plans can also be altered in some manufactured RV’s to accommodate differently-abled passengers.

A fantastic organization that can help with traveling disabled passengers is The Handicapped Travel Club. Founded in 1973, the club was designed to help those traveling in RV’s with disabilities. With more than 250 active members, the club sends out a newsletter, and holds get-togethers. The club can be extremely helpful in assisting with information about companies that modify rigs, listings of used accessible rigs for sale, suggestions of handicapped-friendly travel locations, and general support. At only ten dollars to join, this club can be a great asset to the differently-abled traveler!

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